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i have been into languages and creative things all of my life. they come down to the very same anyway, as both are natural things. it was noam chomsky* who said that the mother-tongue cannot be learned, because it´s already „there“, that was even before the hippie revolution, so long ago. he used the term „activate“, and all linguistics has been descriptive since then, which is a huge thing. there are thousands of training, workshops etc for all kind of stuff out there, some good ones. you cannot „learn“ to be creative, you ARE creative already. We grew up with that knowledge, actually.

it´s all about taking the time, the tools, trying and discussing. about not being passive, but to have an own opinion. finding the „own voice“, as often said, the own topic, about being critical and able to discuss things, no matter if books or movies or own creative work. i myself have done this for decades, there come so many new aspects from that, it´s very creative and really exciting in many ways :)

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