let´s zoom .....coming after the pandemic  .....

learning languages has been one of my ever since passions. i was lucky to learn with the best. but i had also looked for them - it had to be interesting, it had to inspire, it had to make me feel good. actually you have to run from all the others !

that brought me to study english grammar with a graduate of literature from the new school university in NYC and made me be a student of generative grammar and formal semantics ( me and mathematics !!! ) with a former prof of the UC L.A., whose lectures were close to what pearl jam are/ were? doing ( and they are america´s best live band! ). i consider these things WILD. but i learned EVERYTHING or even more.

besides this i did language learning and teaching at the university of vienna, learning about methods and what happens in your brain when learning a new language and what matters in this process ( actually communication and balance ).

i´m planning to offer conversational training in austrian german language for people here and around the globe, talking about fun topics, movies, or just about daily life. we cross (our?) borders when learning a new language, it´s an adventure ! :)