about my language studies

learning languages has been one of my ever since passions. i have been lucky to learn with the best. but i had also looked for them - it had to be interesting, it had to inspire, it had to make me feel good. actually you have to run from all the others !

that brought me to study english grammar with a graduate of literature from the new school university in NYC and made me be a student of generative grammar and formal semantics (me and mathematics !!!) with a former prof of the UCLA, who gave lectures that resembled a live performance of pearl jam or so (i´ve seen Pj, they are the best !). i consider these things WILD, but i learned EVERYTHING or even more.

besides this i did language learning and teaching at the university of vienna, learning about methods and what happens in your brain when learning a new language and what matters in this process ( actually communication and balance ). Additive Learning is a slow path, but profound and all who take part in that process benefit in a way. ##