chatting with a friend in auckland while walking home from the supermarket - a research of the everyday 2016 - 18

today´s communication has become a huge topic with xxx options to say one thing. we use music, pictures, symbols and text in our everyday communication, we text and we hypertext. we chat with a friend on a sail boat in bali (almost ?) the same way as we do with a neighbor next door asking if he has got some milk for our breakfast coffee. we communicate with a variety of different media. i call this a form of art. some people are everyday artists, not old school-one-sided but co-operative ones ! i started to apply linguistic communication models on everyday communication and tested erving goffman`s face concept. that was helpful in many ways, always interesting and sometimes extraordinary funny. so much in that !

communication is an everyday thing, a side-thing, an act of both cooperation and creativity, truly human (siri has no idea about pragmatics!) and something people never ever get bored of. that´s just exciting !

the everyday


that´s semantics, but interesting too ! # semantics/ pragmatics 2018