University is a great place or at least can be one. i am glad i took these years, full of coincidences, inspired by friends who brought me there and great people i met there. i also liked the place, namely the campus of the university of vienna,  a place where old, restored architecture ( google „hörsaal d“, a place for a movie !! ) meets the newest one, and you´ll sit with people from all over the globe in the grass and eat ice cream, read a book or just have a nice chat with collegues. i really like these places ! ( in 2021/ 22 the university was - partly or totally - closed, everything was being done digitally, profs were doing their lectures from their living rooms, with dogs barking and interesting book-shelfs in the background )

Little Lion: „What is that shadowy place over there ?“

Big lion: „This, my son, is the land of the prescriptivists. You must NEVER go there !“

( from: cartoon on tutorials/ university/ linguistics )