Pulp fiction* 2023

Years ago I wondered about 17 years olds who said they were longing for an analog youth, something they obviously didn’t have but probably knew from movies. Later on generation y showed up with all these retro things, making me reflect all this again. Now these things are normal. Recently I gave an old vinyl record, an original from last century, even before the 90s (90s were cd time !) to my 20+ years young neighbor because he - different to me - is fond of this music and enjoys listening to it on his old, repaired record player. I keep buying my music on iTunes, most of it recent stuff. Different generations. Different habits. That´s how it is now, 2 generations past mine. The new normal.

My generation was the last analog one. We of course didn’t notice that that time, but it turned out to be like that. Maybe that’s the reason why everyone was so much into concerts and movies etc. Maybe end of last century was the peak of the art as we know it. Or knew it. The best of a culture.

It all looks a museum these days, but a museum for the young ones! They grab these bones and do their work with them. And it IS good stuff, all of it !

Maybe the pop culture we once had was better than a university can ever be. Or at least equal. What an interesting book these people of the 20th century wrote! It´s still worth re-reading it,  interpreting it. Or maybe it all was just pulp fiction ?

*Movie of the 1990s by Quentin Tarantino** :: pulp fiction (as far as I know) means something like trash literature ::

** one can reflect tarantino ( like many many others ), i did it ( of course ;) )

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