creative language training - 21/ 22

at university we learned that everyone has got his/ her own (i) language and that language is in a constant change. there is endless creativity in all that ! i have been through many language schools, i have seen great things, but also boring or even false ones. for me creativity and individuality always matter, as well as a proper language.

what is a proper language ? for me a proper language is first of all contemporary, so „free“ from outworn stuff, and proper in terms of syntax etc. some say a standard variation is boring, i speak ( austrian ) standard myself so for me it is the language i want to offer. i find variations very interesting, but only as a second step or in comparison ( music for instance ) to show what language CAN do.

what you will learn - proper contemporary austrian german standard

what you can bring in - your creativity and interest in a new language

do i reflect your mothertongue in the training ? yes, as new languages are learned in an additive process i pay attention to the learner´s mother tongue which will show up in „interferences“ ( transport of grammar structures ) anyway, something to deal with.

do we use books ? no. but you can buy whatever you like ( except wrong ones ) and study at home. more info up soon ...