:: Learning a language :: (Austrian) German :: private - conversation/ trainings :: natural environment :: PLUS culture :: PLUS nature :: & proofreading :: 2023


Language PLUS :: I will offer language trainings in an attractive natural environment, using the benefits of immersion. in addition i ´ll correct you and see, if you are doing progress in learning the language properly. Working with lyrics and other interesting things might be an additional benefit ( for basic grammar knowledge please get some books, you can ask me anything though.)

* Language PLUS culture: Learning Austrian German in Vienna !! As a long term inhabitant of vienna ́s (in a change like everything but still legendary) artist ́s district I know about the best places in town - the wild ones, originally established in the 80s/ 90s, but also new ones. There is so much culture and history around there. # how to order a coffee in a viennese cafe # why are these folks from that record store not friendly, they don´t even look up when i enter the store # culture ( they ARE friendly in fact !! )

* Language PLUS nature: As I started to enjoy the calm of the woods, I will offer that too, summer, winter, autumn and spring. Learning a language PLUS recreation PLUS learning about nature #

  1. *Language ONLY and ONLINE: Usual private lessons are possible as well as online lessons. I know about advantages and disadvantages of online studies. It ́s a funny tool anyway and useful if you are on a different place on this globe and need some proper german conversation as a training.

  2. *proofreading: i´ve have always be good at my own language, now i am even better. you want to have a text in proper, contemporary German ( there ARE tricky things to consider ) and need some proofreading >> contact me ( 2023 ) ::

About me :: my interest in people and languages brought me to travel and study languages starting from my 20s. I studied modern Greek back then at a legendary institute, the English language at the cambridge institute about a decade ago and linguistics at the university of Vienna ( coincidentally with probably the best profs I ́ve had so far ). Living in a multilingual house, in a multilingual world is a big adventure. In my opinion there is a beauty in knowing a second language well. There is more reflection and it has more benefits than it looks at first sight. One has to be curious though AND take the time !

interested/ questions? >> katrinangermaier@drei.at