Resuming a phase of learning ::

I had these teachers that made me doubt that teachers are the most boring and weird people in the world ( something I had been totally sure of until into my 30s and maybe that is still true in general or in special fields/ places ). My very first teacher of English was a young american man, who had studied literature in NYC ( and later on taught at an university at the westcoast for a year or so ). He had left both university and his homecountry for south east asia and landed in Vienna a few months later, trying to figure out how this all could have happened.

Since then the language topic has interested me in terms of making papers and going for degrees. You are sturdy on your path, he said. I had to google sturdy. But what was meant as a compliment, had already started to make me feel unfree. I couldn’t get rid of it. And if I escaped, I was not happy. So I had to go back, on that path, the language path. This path became a track of a full decade and the people i met there were amazing. I met the most amazing people there. One always meets great people when traveling with interest and passion. People who travel the passion road are passionate. That is why they are there.

But truth is, at least for the moment - I don’t want to travel anymore. I find mowing the lawn much more exciting than traveling. Friends laugh at me and I will tell them that for me that was the real avantgarde. Mowing the lawn. Then they laugh again and I know it ́s true. This is avantgarde, I even took an exam about that ( film and media), i know what i am talking about. Sturdy on my path ? Well. Maybe. i had good teachers. they would let you ( be stubborn and do what feels right )