creative reconstructions or how to properly press - organic - olives to make an oil*

i fell into a seminar of historical linguistics, coincidentally, led by a wild fun young prof, who - besides playing guitar in metal bands - reconstructs dead cultures by reconstructing their language. i call this wild, again, and actually i was not ready to take the exam ( something for later, maybe ). but it made me understand my own work of re-construction and the general work of re-constructing done by wild generation y, who showed up with david bowie, falco and the doors ( on vinyl, of course ) and would look at you as you were the most stupid person in the world listening to contemporary stuff bought on itunes. but they made these old but interesting stuff  contemporary again.

my subject of reconstruction - for fun - are the 90s, namely a fictional story of the 90s. no further idea yet.

there are things like an entrance tickets for a concert, a metro ticket from paris, things like cd´s or books, a telephone number of a (well known) musician, written on a piece of paper, blue converse sneakers, love letters, letters from friends from their travels, all kind of things. one can reconstruct and create something out of these old things, there is endless creativity in that.

# some maybe projects for i don´t know when #

  1. *coincidentally i kind of studied these things 2015-2018

a homework i didn´t do # 21