madame bovary*, bathsheba everdene** and the 90s :: history is art ( something for the wild ones though )

i took part in a seminar of historical linguistics at university. The seminar was led by a funny young prof, who - in addition to playing the guitar in a metal band - reconstructs dead languages and by this cultures who lived along the silk road (and others) many centuries ago. I call this wild, and actually i dropped out (something for later, maybe). but it made me understand the work of re-constructing done by wild generation y, who showed up years ago with the velvet underground (on vinyl, of course) and would look at me as if i was the most ignorant, stupid and barbaric person in the world listening to contemporary stuff bought on itunes. they made this old things contemporary again. they know more about jim morrison than i do, they´d tell you all these wild stories. i was lucky for being with them, because they made me re - valuate my own path. i found things from my 20s, they liked these old things - entrance tickets for a rock concert, a ticket from the metro in paris, a bus ticket from greece, things like cd´s or books, a telephone number of a (well known) musician, written on a piece of paper, blue converse sneakers, letters from friends from their backpack- travels, stuff like that. no silk road, but a dead culture too, past. or is it all alive again, present ? as the young ones are totally analog these days ( music, photography, baking their own bread etc ) one might think about that ...

a homework i didn´t do # 21

  1. *actually madame bovary existed, but she didn´t kill herself. on the contrary, she dropped Flaubert (who was one of her lovers), because she didn´t like the way he portrayed her in his book, went on doing her art, her travels and survived her husband ::

  2. ** famous figure in literature ( latest movie adaption by thomas vinterberg )