lost highway* 2022

lost highway is not a lost highway, it´s a metamorphosis for a metamorphosis and cannot be understood. and why should it be ? good art. i really like that movie for this ! it´s a piece of art, about what a movie can be. even the title is kind of misleading, like many titles in this past almost decade, when generation y came up with a language of their own. i had several „ cultural shocks“, this was not the usual language change, that happens now and then, this was a change of meaning. times of the kratylos (plato). it´s just a habit that we call a cow a cow, we could call it spider too, wouldn´t change the „thing“. this animal would still be the same, no matter how we name it.

what is art for ? what is art anyway ? we have to ask the young/er ones.

*movie by david lynch

cherry tree family (c) 2014

analog photography and vinyl, city (c) 22