Keine (no) Schnittstellen :: a good year* 23/ 24

The schnittstellen topic was/ is almost impossible to solve. According to Adorno there is no right in the wrong, but it has become impossible to be in the right without the wrong. Whatever field there was, right and wrong got mixed up for a while, people would tell you the wrong things were the right ones, and vice versa. But of course you knew they were not and never will be. One can feel that.

Last year I discussed the yoga topic with a lot of people, because the place had changed. The yoga - seen as something holistic, not the gym - we knew from back then had become difficult to find, and many of the good teachers withdrew, dropped out. Different people jumped in, making the yoga a successful branch ( the words yoga and success used to be in complementary distribution** ).

In previous times teachers would start teaching after years or decades of daily practice or would let you take part in their own learning process. Those were the hippies i guess, they learned in their individual rhythm, but with the very best, at the source so to say, or on their own. Others learned from them or came from dance, bodywork, music, all close to being intuitive and honest to yourself (what yoga was actually all about). A path only a few would go because no comfort zone. A road of self discovery. Yoga was something for the wild ones. Interesting people. Interesting times. These days, it has become common that people start their yoga practice by making a teacher certificate. From zero to your own studio. Go there and you’ll be happy ! I have never been a big fan of straight biographies, why not be a natural talent, especially in creative fields? But these people are all super straight. They come from business studies like economy or law, the ones that were usually blown away by the yoga path as (again!) in complementary distribution** with being honest to oneself or just live values of a more respectful world. It’s different worlds/ world views/ value systems. Or it´s a different yoga. Not the liberating but the slavery one. Healthy slaves are the better slaves, they say, one can read this in many articles. How cruel that is ! But it felt like it was real.

Anyway. I think there are no Schnittstellen anymore. Fields have become something totally different. Maybe it´s more like Adorno these days - you cannot find something right in the wrong. They live their right, you’ll have to live yours. They won´t be able to live in your right anyway, too broken to survive there, as Adorno said. Different worlds. Even words mean different things. No Schnittstellen anymore. Almost feels like there have never been any. No connection. No separation. No topic to be solved.

* not very interesting movie with Russel Crowe as a stressy banker, who inherits a vineyard from his funny uncle in southern France. There is a sentence like: ‚this village doesn’t fit to me anyway“ and she, the young woman from there who he had met, says: `no. it’s you who doesn’t fit into this village. ́

** term from linguistics/ phonology - if a certain sound appears in a certain environment, and another one in a certain different one - and it´s 100% not possible to appear one where the other appears (and vice versa) - they are in so-called complementary distribution

good morning ocean! (c) 2023