schnittstellen 2018/ 21

at university i found this word again and again. first it came to me in 2018 while doing the semantics/ pragmatics ( which is a huge topic after all ) and i remember the prof saying: all recent research of the last decades has been taking place at „schnittstellen“. that made me think ! you are very fast on defined roads, but very slow at figuring out the lines and by this the fields. it´s the real work. it´s tough. and again i found myself in this topic in 2021 at the schnittstelle of (applied) linguistics to subjects beyond that like philosophy, sociology etc. so where to draw the line when these topics are always connected ? can language be understood without reflecting these connected fields ? and if not, where are these „schnittstellen“ ? between visual art and linguistics, between philosophy and language, can we pretend living in bubbles and not see the rest of it all ?

i did a semester-work about discourse, multimodal communication and foucault´s approaches, which was all about schnittstellen and different outcomes due to difference of lines. „schnittstellen“ can be seen as places of separation or places of connection, both is correct, as they ARE both. maybe all places apart from „bubbles“ are possible schnittstellen, in terms of connection places ?

maybe it is impossible to draw the lines ...

still life (c) 2016