Ragpicker *

Years ago generation y made me understand that in the old, in the „garbage“, the most valuable things can be found. They weren´t interested in new motor bikes, they looked for old ones and repaired them. They weren´t interested in new records, they looked for old ones. They wanted the real, the authentic. They wanted to „feel“. A subversive, but also totally real approach to things. By the time i found that interesting. Not the usual, very aesthetic postmodern approach, but something really wild.

At university i learned about walter benjamin, several times in several subjects. The term „ragpicker“ appeared. Ragpicker ? Yes ! That was, what they have done ! What people still do, what seems to be the most interesting thing to do.

When i walk through the streets of „my“ district now, i see retro/ repair/ do it yourself stores everywhere. What astonished me years ago has become something totally normal. Retro/ second hand clothes, bicycles, records, furniture, sewing courses, get-your-things-repaired ( for free) stores and so on. All this stuff is part of our everyday, it is THE everyday. This is a wild world !

*Walter benjamin, art/ film/ media theory early 20th century

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