Slow Yoga 2021f

Almost 20 years ago i started the yoga thing, i´ve been into 3 styles - 3 different worlds by this - and plenty of exercise and reflection. i was lucky to meet one of the best ( of each style ) from the very start, so i had good teachers ( for each style ). only later on i saw that that was almost the exception. the field is wide, the brand sells, real ones don´t market themselves, they are into the subject. very same story like with anything else, just more tricky.

Truth is, i have no idea about yoga. it´s all about the exercises and a lot of cultural/ historical context. Of course it´s much more too. i am glad i am no beginner in that.

Last year i started working with the asanas in a very slow way, trying to understand them, what they are for ME, and how their - translated ! - names relate to me ( or not ). one asana per day, per month, per year. 3 minutes per day :: taking the time :: finding out on my own ( again ! ) ::