yoga *

long ago i started the yoga thing .. a wild road, that coincidentally brought me great teachers ( in a field of so much nonsense, as i learned later on ). but the problem with good teachers is always the same - they set you free, they make you want to find your own way. 

i started doing exercises slowly, trying to understand them. most of them come from nature, animals and plants, yes indeed, i can learn from nature. but this takes time !

i started doing one asana per month, after almost 20 years of yoga i am slowed down to this. one asana, one animal or whatever, and that´s enough. very zen, i know. but that´s the luxury of taking the time, 10 minutes per day. or so. or 10x 10.

as there are quite a lot of asanas, this is going to be a long term project ...

* yoga is a not protected term, we can actually call yoga whatever we like to !