Contemporary artists # bicycles 2022/ 23

Recently I read an article from 2017 telling that capitalism demands uniformity, standardization, and that the yoga (where i had been into for almost 2 decades !) has totally surrendered to that. According to that article Yoga had taught liberation once, but creates slaves today, even better, because more healthy slaves. I found that both shocking and disgusting! But indeed, I had noticed that many yoga teachers of the now (there are thousands everywhere these days) seem ,standardized“in a way, friendly, but „unfree“ in a way, not exploring and questioning the subject like we used to do. Blame it on their teachers, yes, they obviously failed, but nevertheless. Anyway. I started my own yoga practice and now stay away from that „biz“.

On the other side, when I look around, even in conservative rural parts of conservative Austria, I see creativity and diversity everywhere. The very same like we had in the city years ago, the repair and create-thing. There are bicycles in all sizes, forms, all ages, colored, repaired, looking (almost) like new, but each actually unique because often made out of several old bikes, built with passion and fun. It makes me feel joyful, because that ́s like art, that ́s creative! There still ARE these people who take the time. These bicycles are everywhere, in front of supermarkets, in backyards, front yards, in front of schools etc. Not defined as pieces of art, they are just ordinary every day things ( see: Marcel Duchamp*, who did the very opposite by putting in a wheel of a bicycle into a gallery declaring it art ! ) # everyday art # diversity # new creativity #

wrappings as art (c) vie 2022

* i did a paper about Duchamps´s bicycle wheel (his orginal, first work) during additional university studies (for the lecture: „the art avantgarde of the 20th´s century“) 2021/22