seen from NOW

today - 2018 - analogue photography, vinyl and music even back to „kraftwerk“ (80ies) are totally up to date among twentysomethings. they call that „arty“ or even „real art“. for us in our that-time-offline-world it was just normal (no, not vinyl, i was socialised with the cd), simply because we were part of that time. today we use digital tools and buy our music on itunes. so is this retro ? or brandnew ? every youth has its culture, mine included backpacking, living with friends and doing all kinds of arty things. that was in the 90ies. to restore some of my (analogue) publications of that time is a brandnew retro project of mine, for rainy days or so (but it is one !). i do that along with some university lectures of modern history, for having recent theory //

streetfashion magazine 1998 (c)

„gustav“ (who then started working for ARTE)

a new cafe (c) wien neubau 2018