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katrin angermaier  * 1976, austria

2011 - 2015 study of american language (cambridge institute), pop culture and movie

(with additional focus on translation) from 1980s to „mud“ by jeff nichols, special on linklater up to boyhood 2014 // study of linguistics - university of vienna 2017&18

current interests/ inspirations: recent european film // (slow) food (italy) //

new creative work 2011+ // no commercial stuff // just gallery //

„ creativity and language interest me almost equally. i like to mix things, and i am interested in how communication works. “

contact: studio@katrinangermaier.at        

( pippilotta300@gmail.com )

all photographs/ jpegs and text on this website

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all rights reserved (c) vienna austria 2019 :: copying or downloading etc not permitted ::

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