translation as a creative act

translation has a lot to do with creative choices, as there is not „a“ word for „a“ word or a phrase for a phrase. everyone will translate a text differently, will work through it in a different way. Sapir and Whorf, old relativist´s translation theory, stated that text was (strictly said) untranslatable, as there IS no synonym of words/meanings in different languages. that´s an interesting view after all ! on the other side translation can be understood as a creative act (maybe it cannot be anything else), the translator is more an artist with plenty of freedom.

danish filmmaker thomas vinterberg chose for his film adaptation of far from the madding crowd (2015) a version „loyal to hardy“ as he said, and still it came contemporary.

even wine - same grapes, same winery, same time of harvest - becomes something very different depending on WHO makes it.  the winemaker is an artist too !

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