Restore and repair :: going with the young ones :: 23/ 24

Reflecting photography with 20+ years olds made me remember my 20+. A funny stop over.

My very first photos were taken with a lomo which I had borrowed from a friend. They got published right away in a trendy magazine. I had no idea about time and aperture, but became 1 of about 8 people who published on a monthly basis in an international magazine that was totally hip. That was real fun! I then bought an amateur camera, that was it. And maybe that’s my art any way. The coincidence thing. Marcel Duchamp and Nam June Paik would probably understand what i mean ;)

I took analog pictures 98 - 05 :: slides for streetfashion in vienna/ austria, florence/ italy, paris/ france and other places // method acting rehearsals ( exposed 2000 and 2016 ), and some arty pictures in Tuscany (Italy) and Crete (Greece).

i see them more like artifacts than just pictures.

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streetfashion florence/ italy (c) 1999