the new analogue 2023+

for me analogue photography is not about the tool, but about the way how to work (by this - either analogue analogue or digital analogue). analogue* (for me) means: no autofocus, time/ aperture.

it´s a slow working, you cannot rush it. a challenge by this. a good one.

i started a still-life project this spring (absolute beginners !), a real challenge, and - still - planning to portray some of the people i know ( very divers, both age and culture** )

  1. *analogue as i mean is almost similar to organic maybe (the real one, not the fake), which demands a certain attitude, a strong connection and understanding of nature, a clear no to chemistry etc. ( nothing you can „learn“ in a 3 years or weeks course ;) )

** urban worlds, but not only ;)

still life photography ::  organic oranges (c) 2023

...„wise wo/men say, only fools rush in“ (lyrics) ...